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Kinship of Alonzo Bates
Name Relationship with Alonzo Bates Civil Canon
Baitenger, Alice Great-granddaughter III 3
Baitenger, Glen Great-grandson III 3
Baitenger, Guy Great-grandson III 3
Baitenger, Robert Husband of the granddaughter
Barrington, Benjamin Grandson II 2
Barrington, Donald Great-grandson III 3
Barrington, George L. Husband of the granddaughter
Barrington, MaryAnn Granddaughter II 2
Barrington, William Son-in-law
Bates, Adamtha (Addison) Son I 1
Bates, Alice Granddaughter II 2
Bates, Alonzo Self 0
Bates, Claude George Grandson II 2
Bates, Etta Granddaughter II 2
Bates, Glenda Granddaughter II 2
Bates, Guy Great-grandson III 3
Bates, Kerle Claude Great-grandson III 3
Bates, Leroy Grandson II 2
Bates, Lucinda Eleanor Granddaughter II 2
Bates, Mabel Granddaughter II 2
Bates, Mary Ann Daughter I 1
Bates, Minnie Eva Daughter I 1
Bates, Minnie J. Granddaughter II 2
Bates, Nathan Son I 1
Bates, Nathan Grandson II 2
Bates, Ottis Son I 1
Bates, Sarah Jane Daughter I 1
Bates, Sweden Son I 1
Bates, Tena (Everline Eva) Granddaughter II 2
Bates, William Alonzo Grandson II 2
Bates, William C Son I 1
Blackmore, Edward Father-in-law
Blackmore, Lucy Wife
Button, ? Husband of the granddaughter
Colligan, Donald Patrick 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Colligan, Henry Husband of the granddaughter
Colligan, Kathleen Marie 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Colligan, Max Great-grandson III 3
Colligan, Miles Great-grandson III 3
Cox, ? Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter
Darling, Kathryn Belle Wife of the grandson
Davidson, Frank Husband of the granddaughter
Eastman, Daisy Wife of the grandson
Emma Wife of the great-grandson
Freisbleben, Arthur Husband of the great-granddaughter
Freisbleben, Kenneth 2nd great-grandson IV 4 
Gill, Basil Great-grandson III 3
Gill, Bonnie 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Gill, Clifford Great-grandson III 3
Gill, Emma Great-granddaughter III 3
Gill, Erwin Great-grandson III 3
Gill, George Grandson II 2
Gill, James Lewis Great-grandson III 3
Gill, Jamie Alan 3rd great-grandson V 5
Gill, Jennifer Lynn 3rd great-granddaughter V 5
Gill, Jeremy Thomas 3rd great-grandson V 5
Gill, Leonard Great-grandson III 3
Gill, Louis Leland Grandson II 2
Gill, Lucy Mary Granddaughter II 2
Gill, Patti Lou 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Gill, Susan Joan 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Gill, Thomas Son-in-law
Gill, Thomas James 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Harmon, Carrie Irene Wife of the grandson
Harris, Sarah Daughter-in-law
Hopkins, Charles  Son-in-law
Hopkins, Alice Granddaughter II 2
Irene Wife of the great-grandson
Kersten, Merlin August Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter
Kittie Daughter-in-law
Klassen, Judith Wife of the 2nd great-grandson
Lundstron, Mabel Isabelle Wife of the great-grandson
McAuley, Carol Great-granddaughter III 3
McAuley, Edna Great-granddaughter III 3
McAuley, Frank Husband of the granddaughter
McAuley, Garrit Great-grandson III 3
McAuley, Harry Ecliff- Mick- Great-grandson III 3
McAuley, Merle Terry 2nd great-grandson IV 4
McAuley, Monnie Great-granddaughter III 3
Minton, Duanne 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Minton, Thomas Husband of the great-granddaughter
Moll, ? 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Moll, Fred Husband of the great-granddaughter
Moll, Paul 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Mrtyl Wife of the great-grandson
Nelson, Anna Amelia Wife of the grandson
Newsome, Sarah Daughter-in-law
Pagel, ? Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter
Pagel, Mabel Emile Wife of the great-grandson
Pagel, Tena 3rd great-granddaughter V 5
Persons, Cathern (Kittie) Daughter-in-law
Rademacher, John Husband of the granddaughter
Sarah Mother-in-law
Schroeder, Gary Lee Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter
Schroeder, Lee Gary 3rd great-grandson V 5
Stratton, Lucinda Wife of the grandson
Tarr, Chester Grandson II 2
Tarr, Harriet E. Granddaughter II 2
Tarr, Herbert Grandson II 2
Tarr, Marian A. Granddaughter II 2
Tarr, Ruby M. Granddaughter II 2
Tarr, Rufus Son-in-law
Tarr, William J. Grandson II 2
Testin, Alma Minnie Wife of the grandson
VanArsdale, Henry C. Husband of the granddaughter
Janita Wife of the great-grandson
Ware Husband of the great-granddaughter
Wiarck, Lois 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Wiarck, Roman Husband of the great-granddaughter
Wishbroker Husband of the great-granddaughter
Wishbroker, Gary 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Wishbroker, Gaylord 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Wishbroker, Robert 2nd great-grandson IV 4

Alonzo Bates, my Great great grandfather is my most elusive ancestor.
Census records show he was born in Mass. as were his parents. His wife Lucy Blackmore(Blackmoor) was born in Pewsey Whiltshire England. Most of his children were born in Canada in Kent county Ontario, in the  Chatham area.
We did find a cousin in Michigan, He is a decendant of Alonzo's son Otis Bates.Otis was born in Canada and was living in Wisconsin at the time of the 1900 census. Otis Bates and his wife Sarah and son Leroy  moved to Michigan where they lived out thier lives.
There are a few mysteries yet to solve.
Why and when  did Alonzo go to Canada? How did he meet Lucy Blackmore there? 
If anyone has the answers to these mysteries please let me know!

Copyright2001 PSchroeder Neenah Wi