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A Brief Family History
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Where did we come from?...

The Bates line came from Mass. Alonzo was born there as were his parents.
Lucy Blackmore Bates and her parents were born in England. Thomas Gill and his wife Mary were born in England also.
August and Henry Pagel came from Germany or Prussia as it was called back then and The Schroeder and Bauer family also.
The Testin and McLaughlin families came from Ireland.

Partial List of Surnames Found In My Database

Bates Blackmore Pardo Green Murdock Millar Persons Caldwell Tarr Wood Thalacker Thompson Harmon Harris Gill Testin McLaughlin Schroeder Pagel Bauer Murphy Krueger Buchmier McPherson Moran Marsden Lang Simon Nohr Eaton Colligan Button McAuley Barrington Newsom/Nusom

Testin is believed to have been changed from Paston,Peston,Taston or Teston.
Bauer is listed as Bauer and Bauers

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